Leather and Compound

Field II

The leather I use on my signature series is quality grade 8-10 oz leather, and quality grade 12 oz leather on my pro series.

I changed from using the rough side to the smooth side on all of my strops. The reason for this change is that I have come up with a method to take on compounds and be more consistent. After the smooth side has been treated it has an even layout, and the leather feels and looks like the fine suede with a napped finish. The end result is a more consistent stropping surface that holds compounds sufficiently.




compoundBRKT Compounds are included on each strop, I have black (3,000 grit), green (6,000 grit) and white (12,000 grit)
I will add Black & Green unless another combo is requested.

I now offer a compound that I created for finishing, this compound only needs to be applied once.
It is a oil based compound that causes the leather to pull at the stropping edge, this creates a drag that’s perfect for finishing edges that will resist corrosion and be super sharp. This compound is best used after the BRKT white compound.
I will add this compound on request for free with any purchase.